Shoulder bearings for Sendzimir steel mills

Steel Industry - Shoulder bearings for Sendzimir steel mills

Technical Drawing and Exploded View  - Shoulder bearings for Sendzimir steel mills

H* = Height section H in measuring point
1. Cylindrical rollers
2. Cage
3. Cylindrical rollers
4. Distance ring
5. Inner ring
6. Distance ring
7. Cage
8. Cylindrical rollers
9. Outer ring

Technical Data - Shoulder bearings for Sendzimir steel mills

Outer diameter (mm)from 110to 406,42
Inner diameter (mm)from 50to 180
Thickness (mm)from 52to 224
= Point of maximum thickness of the ring
11 = Order nr. (example)
B = Section height group (example)
Section height
Tolerances on section height
“H” (mm)
A0; - 0.005;
B- 0.005; - 0.010;
C- 0.010; - 0.015;
40; - 0.002;
3- 0.002; - 0.004;
2- 0.004; - 0.006;
1- 0.006; - 0.008;
0- 0.008; - 0.010;

Technical Characteristics - Shoulder bearings for Sendzimir steel mills

Shoulder bearings have been projected on purpose for Sendzimir cold steel mills; they can be used also in straightening or flattening machines.

Shoulder bearings show different shapes in construction, in order to fulfil several application requirements.

Cylindrical roller shoulder bearings can have up to 4 rows of rollers, with cages or without cages.
They have the advantage of having a simple shape and a high radial load capacity.
Some series are manufactured with entire edges obtained on the outer ring, other series are without entire parts, with distance rings and lateral thrust rings.

Shoulder cylindrical roller bearings have the following technical characteristics:

  • Outer and inner rings are mainly supplied in UNI 100Cr6/100CrMo7 core hardened steel; some series can be supplied with outer rings in case hardened UNI 18NiCrMo5 steel, with 60±2 HRC hardness degree.
  • Lateral thrust rings and distance rings are made in UNI 100Cr6/100CrMo7 steel too. The cages are made in bronze and have high thickness which guarantees resistance against high pressures.
  • Shoulder bearings are manufactured with higher rotation precision than class P4 and with reduced tolerances as far as the height between the inner diameter and the outer diameter is concerned. They are classified in three groups, in which the difference between the heights is 5µ, or in 5 groups in which the difference is 2µ. The point of maximum thickness of the rings is indicated with an arrow stamped on their surface, where the group of height “H” is marked.
  • Shoulder bearings are usually oil lubricated and have different lubrication holes on the inner ring.
  • In some series, some elastic no-shearing layered seals are foreseen.

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