Four-row tapered roller bearings

Steel Industry - Four-row tapered roller bearings

Disegno Tecnico ed Esploso  - Four-row tapered roller bearings

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Normalmente questi cuscinetti hanno gabbie stampate di acciaio. I cuscinetti ETI sono essenzialmente usati quando si richiede una grande rigidezza e si devono reggere momenti ribaltanti considerevoli. Sono anche impiegati sui cilindri verticali dei laminatoi universali.
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Caratteristiche Tecniche - Four-row tapered roller bearings

C.R. four-row tapered roller bearings are used on the neck of the cylinders, on steel mills in which the speed of milling is moderate.
Their construction shape allows them to bear high axial loads, along with radial loads.
Therefore they do not need lateral thrust bearings.
The bearings of this series are manufactured with cylindrical hole and with tapered hole.
Four-row tapered roller bearings should be fixed as complete units in the correct housings, in order to allow a correct functioning and a quick replacement of the cylinders in case of maintenance.
Four-row tapered roller bearings are manufactured like the similar series with cylindrical rollers, with different executions, according to the specific needs of the working condition of the steel mill plant.

  • They are manufactured both in metric and inch execution. C.R. four-row tapered roller bearings are manufactured with normal tolerance class, the precision of rotation belongs to class P5. The bearings are supplied in complete units ready to be assembled.
  • The internal clearances are settled according to the application and in any case they are always marked with suffixes and numbers written on the drawings.
  • C.R. tapered roller bearings of this series undergo stabilization treatment, which allows them to be used up to 300° C without any dimensional modification.
  • Cones and cups of four-row cylindrical roller bearings are manufactured in two types of steel according to the application:
1 - Core hardened UNI 100Cr6 steel.
2 - Case hardened UNI 18NiCrMo5 steel.
In both cases, hardness reaches the degree of 60-2 HRC.
  • The distance rings are manufactured in the same type of steel, whereas the cages are manufactured in press-forged steel.
  • All the bearings are provided with holes and lubrication grooves on the outer part.